Daikar- the sacred eroticism


We live in a world that is more amd more attached to materialistic and consumist concepts,where sensuality and pleasure are each time more alined to success and status.

The sexuality associated to the mysteries has always been present in the human history. On the book of Genesis we find various references to the subject, through metaphores, and in many other books of the old testament.

Eroticism is intimatly connected to divinities and demons in our subconciousness, life, eroticism is insanity as the religious fervor is also. There is no consistency and the life is short, they manifestated in numerous cases of mistisism and incredule people, who unbalance and destroy their lives by their own mental crazyness.

In old pagan times, man was the image of God or other gods, with all its qualities and deffects. Amongst them, the ones who represented love were: Dionisisos, Falo, Eros, the Stires and their ninphs, with a falic mithology where men can hardly assume his Self. Afrodite Ourana, or simply Celeste, goddess of pure and ideal love, born from the viril menber of Uranus, thrown on the fecund sea,"is as natural as can be"acording to Krapp "that she is a goddess of love born from the phallus, which reveals true love and not promiscuity and erotisism. Afrodite, in greek "appodirn", comes from "appo" which means aphoros which Hesiodus means as sperm, not foam, as they say, for the goddess was not born from the sea foam, but from the sperm of a divinity.


In the old oriental religions, there was the values of sex as a part of a ritual. The feminine principle of Shakti in union with the masculine principle of Shiva, is the basis of tantrism. Shakti, which name means Power, represents the primal energy which is underneath the Cosmos and can be represented beautiful as Parvati or ferocious as Kali. Its companion is Shiva. From the union of the two, the cosmos is born. According to tantrism, "Shiva without Shakti is a cadaver.". As the religion states, the material desires should be achieved and the physical apatites should be satisfied. However, the satisfaction of these necessities apply to a method. The human activity in this direction has to be ritualized and the sensual passion elevated and transformed in na act of worship. To the tantrians it is comon to make of their senses a form of offering to the divinities.

The western society has learned a lot with the Orient about the sacred eroticism. But as the westerns started to use the tantric techniques to prolong orgasm,the indians were usung them as part of the sacred ritual. In most oriental traditions the union of the masculine with the feminine represents the return to the Divine Unity. Recently. Nowadays, society presses its values. But we need to see that sexuality can be a form of meditation, na awakening of the Cosmic Conscience. In the Maithuna ritual ( a technique of the chinese Taoism), it is believed that when a woman is sexualy exited , she emits great currents of energy ( there was na experiment in Brazil with several northern women, known as "lobster women", that sucked the penis during orgasm in a compression to the poin tof bleeding of the penis. Such women , during extasy, could maintain a 60 watt lightbulb on for more than five minutes when in contact with theis sex). This energy, when aren't canalised, have no use. The virtues emitted during the sexual act receive magnetically, at the same time, the masculine organ,its seed ans its psichic power. According to the tantrism, the women drain the energy from the men.

The tantrism says that the soul could be saved through the body and the spiritual liberation comes through the sexual satisfaction, in a perfect balance between mind and spirit.

One of the tantric techniques is to reach the sexual climax without ejaculation, this state being compared to extatic states of spiritual exaltation. The tantric rites intensify, progressively the sexual desire that when energised by restraint, become na eternal source of energy.

The tantric rituals, to have effect, should be always oriented by a guru or sorcerer who is familiar with such misteries.p>


The ritual of Daikar, the sacred erotism of the magick of Mabo Bantu, comes from the persian tradition, specially from the queen Al-Sibia from the country of sabbath, the country of a thousand fragrances (which is far from being mere legend), the great muse of the Hebrew people, and specially Solomon, where power is associated with fusion of the spirits through coitus or only the semen and orgasm without the need of physical contact. Teh sexual liquid, to the astral, is far more energetic than any other element of fusion in Nature. It is the essence of the strongest human element, and it is also one of the main forces of the modern societies, where families and even states are founded.

Today, chiefs of State and great bussinessmen all over the world have concience of the infinite ramifications that there are in the world of the misteries in order for them to reach their goals with precision. One of them is the unification of astral forces with magnetic energies of the spirit through sexual fusion in a cumplicity, be it between lovers or priests of ideals in search of victory and success through pleasure. The chemical essence of the human spirit is volatile and etherial magnetic, attracting to itself other neuro-pchiquic external manifestations. It is the channel of comunication between the occult universe through other dimensions, conecting the human pchique.