Formulas and alchemical mixtures without reponsability, respect and conscience are wbrthless. thought is everything

Do according to your beliefs and the way concerns your most.

A good thought and worthy attitudes are much more important than just numerous words spoken without your heart.

Therefore man is his own fortune's judge: he can shorten the pain or postpane it indefinitely Happiness or disgrace depend on his will, especially for doing good or evil.

God loves all his children equally, and grants no one but the essential for his good. Mankind has not always understood this, that is why so many times has turned against natural Divine Goodness, just because it doesn't submit their whims or doesn't please their wishes Even so, God is the absolute justice and everlasting wisdom and only wants the best for all his criation, granting this each one freewill to handle his fortune, the way to achieve hapiness and manipulate physicall agents in order to soothe the actual and transitory evil of his mission.


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