LIFE AND DEATH - According to High Magic


Human Nature:

A lot of theories were formulated to explin the Creation: from Babylonian transcripts which were transfered to the book of Genesis, according to the eclectic concepts of the Episcopal Council of Evora on the Sixth century- to Charles Darwin on the Nineteenth century and other contemporanean scientists.

Until now, we know that in the beguinning the Universe was massive and dense, because of na extreme gravitational compressive (like na imense black whole), in a caos, where the whole solar system would fit on the tip of a needle. When the ecatombe , the "Big Bang" as we know it, happened, there was a distributionn of the mass, the heat, the vapors, and the dust that was rich with life. Since then, the Universe is in expansion in na evolutionary process: the birth and death of stars, planets and even galaxies, in a recycle of fertility.

The cicle of evolution is applied from a bacteria to a whole constelation. There is a harmony in all nature, be it cosmic or earthly, for we are offspring of the same Beguinning.

On top of this principle, religions created concepts, gods and half-gods; scientific theories, filosophical thoughts. But regardless of illusions, evangelic conditioning, or all the theories, logic is present in everyone,- in the DNA, in the subconcious and in the corporeal chemystry.

Excluding the idea of divine intervension, for the simple reason that that such answer is beyond any scientific verification, remain the researches based on the hipothesis built by scientists, whose original concepts are in the hebrew cabala, the egyptian hieroglypths, the thoughts of greeek philosofers, and in many other parchment lost in time. However, some were copied in the Renaìssance by great thinkers, wise philosofers and priests, in na alchemist and theocratical concept, which reported the Creation in all its magnitude.

Life didn't happen by accident. On the contrary, it is the result of a long evolution of the material, of the simple molecules to the first cells 4,5 billion years ago; in a contenuous process intimatly conected to the evolution of the Earth.

These fenomena of mutations happened in Earth, due t its singularity of organic material, na atmosphere that store gases, adequate radiation to the sun, volcanoes, lightning that is as essential as eletric charge for evolution, and tenuos air with methane, amonia and water gases. In this extraordinary and extremely fetid world, the particles divided themselves and bonded in more complex molecules, the same molecules that today have part in the human body, which, in its majority or the more complex ones, came from the sky, through the meteores or comets that constantly hit Earth. The main chemical compositions of the human being are carcon, oxigen and hitrogen, and its source of energy is the sun.

The first aminoacids that make up DNA came from the swamps. The fetid swamps that were heated by the lava of the volcanoes was the cradle of all life- the well known "primordial soup". From that clay rich in aminoacids, came the first primitive shapes that with the small drops of RNA that came from space, perfected themselves.

Clorofile ( plant group) as hemoglobin (animal group), came from the same "chemical ancestor". The separation of the species was slow and with mutations over mutations, until MAN. This evolutive process of man was only posssible due to the constant hereditary changes between many species of animals.


The DNA holds the memory of the boilogical evolution, all its history.

Our brain, with its three parts ( from the primitive brain to the crtex), is equaly the result of a subsidence. The chemical composition of our tissues remain very similar to the organic envirinment from 4,3 billion years ago, each one of our cells is a piece of the primitive ocean from which life originated.

IN this evolutive process, the human being became more complex in its physical constitution,its inteligence and sensorial sensibility.But for such, our ancestors were free of moral, ethics,scruples and prejudice, living intensely thier diverse sexuality, making us a little of every element in this habitat, giving us the instinctive, mutative, and extra-sensorial universality.

The original Self is the missing link, where God, as the Lord of Creation, is the occult individual,abstract and visionary. Could it be the real God that humanity ignorantly claim the very original Self? The original link that lives inside each one of us for generation after generatuion, for billions of years? Our original Self,, or our soul, keeps the knowlege of the Missing Link. Vaguely we are surprised by the unconcious with visions of the first protons shaped as reptiles, deformed animals that were abominable and even primates. If the original Self is us only evoluting, and the universe is constantly in mutation, who is God?

Modern science verified an old philosophical thought from the wise men of the old times.- hipocriticaly hidden and distorted by the religious- that there is a pulsating and extremely presice energy in all Universe. This energy existed even before the great explosion.

To the high magic, which has never been attached to dogmas, illusion, but the logic of the human nature, this is God- the plain and precise energy that existed before anything-what science calls QUASAR.

From that thought, God stops being abstract, visionary, philosofical and theological, to be ABSOLUTE.


The ritual of Daikar, the sacred erotism of the magick of Mabo Bantu, comes from the persian tradition, specially from the queen Al-Sibia from the country of sabbath, the country of a thousand fragrances (which is far from being mere legend), the great muse of the Hebrew people, and specially Solomon, where power is associated with fusion of the spirits through coitus or only the semen and orgasm without the need of physical contact. Teh sexual liquid, to the astral, is far more energetic than any other element of fusion in Nature. It is the essence of the strongest human element, and it is also one of the main forces of the modern societies, where families and even states are founded. Today, chiefs of State and great bussinessmen all over the world have concience of the infinite ramifications that there are in the world of the misteries in order for them to reach their goals with precision. One of them is the unification of astral forces with magnetic energies of the spirit through sexual fusion in a cumplicity, be it between lovers or priests of ideals in search of victory and success through pleasure. The chemical essence of the human spirit is volatile and etherial magnetic, attracting to itself other neuro-pchiquic external manifestations. It is the channel of comunication between the occult universe through other dimensions, conecting the human pchique. Faust the infinite carolling of the angelic choirs had started to get boring, for after all, didn't they deserve the praise ? Hadn't they given infinite joy? Wouln't it be funner to obtain the undeserved praise , be loved by beings to whom he tortured? He smiled intimatly and decided that the great drama shouldbe acted. During countless eras the burning fog turned without destiny through space. Finally it started to gain shape. The central mass spat planets, the planets cooled, the boiling seas and the incandescent montains agitated and twitch the dark masses of clouds full of hot rain flooded the badly solified crust. And then the first germ of life grew on the deep of the ocean, and developed fast on the fertilizing heat, transforming into vast forests of trees, enormous fetuses being born from the humid and fetid moldy navy monsters giving birth, struggling, devouring and dying and from the monsters, as the play progressed, came men, with the power to racionalize, the knowlege of good and evil and a cruel thirst for adoration. And men saw all of what happened in this insane and monstuos world, all that struggles, at any price, some brief moments of existence before the inorexável decree of death. And man said "there is an occult purpose, if only we could measure it and the purpose is good for we must reverence something and in the visible world there is nothing that deserves reverence" and men drifted away from struggle , deciding that god intended that harmony resulted in chaos by means of human efforts. And when they followed instincts which God allowed them, descendent that he was from the clawed beasts, they called them sins and asked God for forgivenes. But doubted the forgiveness and until invented a divine plan in which the rage of God had to be pacified . And seeing that the present was bad, made it worse, so that as a consequence, the future would be better. They raised thanks to God for the strength that permitted renounce even from the possible joys. And God smiled and and when he looked, men had become perfect in renunciation and adoration, send another lightning through the skies and it hit the sun of man, and everything returned to the inicial fog. "Yes,"he murmored, "it was a good spectacle, I will act it again"


DEATH - The etheral principle and Resumrection

Not all forms of matter are visible. The sky, where at the bottom live all organic decendents from the surface of the Earth, make up a coat of two hundred quilometers in heigth, which gravitates above us, subjecting to a uniform pressure of many hundereds of kilograms, forming various dimensions to which we haven't evoluted enough to detect. Whre every dimension is na astral plane.

We are surrounded and absorbed in a ripple of millions of astral bodies,malefic and benefic, conplient and filthy.

To better comprehend this fantastic ethereal universe, follow the example:

When heating up a bottle of perfume, you notice the fluidity of the liquid, even though you don't see it, but smell the aromatic particles in the air. The state of atomic division of matter, as we know through physics,is not the conpact solidity that characterises aparently underneath the imperfect observation of the senses, escaping the power of vision. The ether that passes all cosmic space and penetrates the bodies, acting as a vehicle to the fenomena of transmision ans transformation of the physical forces, also represents na invisible material state that is perfectly recognizable.

Matter has other forms that are more tenue, which suceed others and others of increasing tenuity, forming a real scale of states of condensation of the Universe, which absorb the more rude and massive forms with the dinamic condition. It is untangible, in a way that, according to the rvelations of magick, not even the theological notion of the pure spirit stops being material, for being everything that exists in any plane or aspect of life in the universe.

In this astral complexity, above the fluidical rarefact, materials that are incomparably more subtle, which envolve and compenetrates all preceding ethereal forms, without offering the least of resistancy or obstacles of the bodies, through which it passas in every sense.It is this sutil form of material constitution that we call universe.


There is a frequency of imperceptible cosmic rays that pass our cupula of ozone and gravity, being absorbed by the eletrical current during synapses of our brain. It is our spirit comunicating with millions of paralel worlds and with the universe- what we call telepathy- or even capturing cosmic energies that are positive or negative, being possibly also sending out positive or negative enrgies.

Our occult Self, ou soul, whatever you prefer to call it, is the home of the spirit, which by its turn is composed of seven chemical cosmical elements, which store themselves at the moment of fecumdation, with the DNA already programed by Nature,as we have seen before..

When the matter dies, left is the fluidical energy, which is sbject to na ethical organization, to a status hierarchy, under a steriotipical regime of unconditional monarchy, where justice is still blind , and there is no time or space, where a man could easily have died in a Franciscan cell and be condemned for not having finished his penal mission of other lives. The supposed eternal rest is subjected to emotions, highs and lows, pestilent thresholds, to discpline in Elysian fields or incorporating in constelations.

Good and evil of our concepts and dogmas don't influence ever the concepts of these worlds. Reeducation aplies itself to everyone, where the pending debts have to be payed in a new incarnation, in a cicle of life and death as everything that eher is in the Universe.