The religions always have been will be the moral and ethical structure of the societies, be it a primitive african tribe or a great nation of the european union. The beliefs are the basics of the families, where saints become intermediaries of their weaknesses and mistakes thought and filosofies become conditionines and obsessions and spirits become accomplices and partners of chants, dances, trances and ethylic and sexual weaknesses. We are living in a period of tipical turbulance due to the turn of the century, where faith has become of most profitables "ways life" where cultural values are confusely inverted, the noble feeling become transitories, and sexuality is the escape of inconcience and inconsequence of the weaker, the only path to self esteem, and usually, the only few moments of hapyness in life.

In this confusing pantimime of sensuality introduced to the infernal universe of Dante, come the waves of esoterism, in a pernicious modism with their courses and iniciations. Some even valuable for the boost in self-esteem, and mistic conscience, but most of them...

The brotherhood of Ilú Sabbath doesn't seek doctrinal conditionings because it is not a congregation., but closed meeting with small groups of member in tune with the ideals of the brotherhood. The brotherhood keeps the authencity of the same principles of eight and a half century of its existence. It never got carried away by dogmatic or ecleastical tendencies, never had connections with any oficial religions, even because it is a religious segment, it is only brotherhood of high magic which survives since the Medieval times. surpassing the conteporary theological "bad weathers". Thanls to the hermetism of its grounds and to the limitation to public becoming members. The priest Mabo Bantu as the universal their of the Brotherhood's mystic wisdom, is the only one who decides among many candidates that achieve integration in the Brotherhood, who is able to become a member.

The basic for the integration is to be true with yourself and with your felow beings, to be conscious of your enviroment and to have respect for the mysteries, not depending an beliefs and philisophies, adour, sex or social condition. As a matter of fact these are the basic requsites to assimilate with purity of mind and spirit the creation's metaphysics, the cosmogony of the human element and the cosmic mysteries of the hidden connexion of man with mother nature.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Ilú Sabbath