I Know that I am the creation's paradigm, the masterpiece of the Universe's Architect - All Mighty God-. Within my cells, in my blood flow the Sun, Moon, Earth, Water, Fire and Air's essences.

Everything that is good and bad passes through me, changing my strength.

My Father has given me the free will to assimilate and generate the Good as much as the Evil. Above all, the light of the occult's mysteries are created by myself.

But nothing will have the power to affect my material life, as much as the spiritual one, when I find myself worthy to prossess the mysteries seven keys which compose my ethernal essence.

I am the light and the darkness. Precisely because I am the fruit of the light generated in the primordial darkness chaos.

I also know that I am just a sand grain before Your Power, Oh Great Father, Lord of Heavens and Earth.

I know I am unable to develop and to make use the all the power. You put in my hands. And the little I know, I don't use to glorify your creation. But I ask for clemency to my mistakes, vanities, foolish pride and vile joys. I beg Your magnificence to grant me the humbleness and the wisdow. Because only this way I will have the honor to "inhabit in the Almighty's hiding-place". And as long as I am inside your "Eden", I will reach the balance, the peace and the body, mind and spirit's health.

I also know that only throuth virtues and good actions that I can reach the Great Magic Flood, and the light of its glory shall come to me.