How impious have been my acts. How silly has been my life. Who Knows the past ones?

I Know that the moral concept of sin is subjective before. Your eyes. But I also Know that there is a natural law which rules everything: the balance.

The religions and the system inhibit us from living harmoniously with the natural laws. Law that, because of you and your everlasting good ness, has been giving us the right to be born again, in order to seek the perfection, the balance and wisdom.

But now, I feel in the mind, the heart without rhythm. My soul cries, my convalescent body feels the pain of the spirit, more intense than the pains of this fragile and abused matter. Sickness wants me to perish, destroying slowly my body, in this material plane full of bacterial and vibratory impurities.

But I beg your father, for energy and forces to defeat my sickness. I wish with all my faith and love that you grant me the cure. I ask your assistance together with my "guardian angel", giving me the balsam of peace in the mind, the energy in my body and the light in my spirit, easing my Karma, and that I may be worthy of your blessing.

God of all gods, Master of Creation, I beg that you allow the continuity of my existence. Swearing by it, to correct my defects to love my fellow beings to seek the light, the balance and the wisdom as long as I exist. Because I know that only this way, I will sow the conscience and light, and my passage on this life won't be useless, as it has been so far.

O Great Father, I beg you that hope may appear to sick persons like me, and that all the pains may be relieved. May he seed of evil which lives in the sick body, in the fods' mind and in the insesate's heart be burnt my the power of the blessed salamanders.

On this hour of intense thrill, my father, hear your chindren's chamour, through this miserable soul which invokes you, touch the shoulders of your children who desperately seek the light and lead them to the way of mercy, victory and justice. All Mighty God I Beg You.