A "cardiac pulsation, alive, precise and incessant. Which conducts life and the creation. A continuos and unfailing spasm of positive and negative energies of the universe's gods, that omnipresent and omnipotently rule the life and death of everything that exists. Where all the visible and invisible things renew themselues in an everlasting cycle in expansion./p>

Ahhh! The human nature. So rich and complex. However, so fragile as a crystal. Whose begining, middle and ending of its existence have already been planned.

The human being with his vanity and ignorance is receding in his evolution and cosmic equilibrium to a primitive condition of behavior and conscience.

When manking aware herself of the temporary illusions to her greatness and to her pure and heavenly essence, she will revolt againstherself. And then, it will be late. It's necessary to be born again; like a planet which dies so that a star can be born.

May we awake to our inner self, to the life mysteries that surround us: The birds' singing, the supreme greatness of the woods, the charming beauty of the seas, the brightness of the sun, abundant of energy, the glaring radiance of the moon, inspiring and inebriating us. They are our natural sources of energy. Whithout them, we wouldn't exist.

Redeeming the purity of feelings, we will reach the light and the wisdow We are so teeny and impotents before smashing strenght of mother nature, which will charge from our insane and inconsequent attitudes. And then, a regret clamour will be heard uselessly throughout the universe.