Mighty Holy GHOST - Fiat Lux - , which directs the destiny of all universe. Lord, may all the congregants of this might work which is in evolution now, looking for balance and perfection. Whose goals will bring the well being to mankind. May they always be concordant with the established reason to the guard of these principles, and may not destroy the effects of their destiny out of a resonant effort of their ambitions.

Lord, allow that the peace, the equality and the fraternity may always reign among those who avow the truth, and take pains to obey your natural precepts, with peace and perpect justice.

Consent that your divine light may always enlighten the heart and mind of your children that wander on this mean earthly plane; and that their feelings may strengthen themselves more and more in the light, peace and clarity.

Grant to all your children that anxiously expect the realization of their lives, the necessary understanding to stand the ridiculousness, the offense and the persecution with patient and with the material and spiritual wisdow's light. For that they can pay you homages for allowing them the acquaintance of the true happiness.