Come hither all who wish believe!

My children, God is opening up his treasures so as to distribute them for your benefit.

O incredulous man! If only you knew what a great benefit to our hearts is faith and how it induces the soul to repetance and prayer. Prayers! AH!...How touching are the words which fall from the lips of one who prays!

Prayer is the divine dew which lessens the excessive heat of our passions favourite daughter of faith, it leads us along the pathway which takes us to God. In moments of reclusion and solitude you will find yourselves together with the Lord. For you the mysteries disappear because He reveals them to you.

Apostles of thought, life is meant for you. Your soul liberates it self from matter and launches itself into the infinite and ethernic worlds which poor humanity does not know. March forward! March forward along the path of prayer and you will hear the voices of the angels! What harmony! No longer the confused noises and strident sounds of the earth; but the sound of the lyres of the archangels, the soft and gentle voice of the seraphins, which are more delicate than the morning breeze when it plays among the foliage of the woodlands. Amongst what delights you will walk!

Your earthly language cannot express such bliss, so quickly does it enter into all your pores. so alive and refreshing in the spring from which, through prayer you are able to drink. Sweet voice and heady perfumes are what the soul hears and breathes when you launch yourself into prayer, into those unkown and inhabited spheres! All aspirations are divine when liberated from carnal desires. You too can pray, as did Jesus, while talking your cross to the Golgotha, to your calvary. So take it up, and you will feel the sweet emotions which He felt, even though bearing the weight of an infamous cross. He was going to die, but only in order to live the celestial life in the house of His Father!

Spirit if Saint Augustin - Paris 1861